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Dry Van Freight Services

Regardless of the season, we deliver freight with our dry van shipping services at reasonable market costs.
The most prevalent sort of truckload shipping service is dry van transportation. It refers to transporting cargo in fully enclosed, sealed trailers. These trailers are designed to transport vast amounts of commodities, freight, and equipment that do not need to be kept at a specific temperature. Trucks that transport dry goods are known as dry vans. The term “dry van truck” refers to a trailer that is sheltered from the outside elements such as weather and other factors. The majority of dry van trailers can tow between 43,000 and 45,000 pounds.

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When is it appropriate to use dry van transportation services?

The most common sort of truckload shipment is a dry van, which may be used in a variety of ways because to its flexibility and versatility. In fact, anything that fits in the trailer and is non-perishable can be transported, including:

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Dry Van Freight Services

When shipping with dry vans, there are a few things to keep in mind. Temperature-sensitive commodities should not be transported in these trailers. Because of their wooden floors, these trailers are not appropriate for temperature-sensitive commodities and cannot withstand dampness.

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Benefits of Go Freight Holding's Dry Van Shipping Services


Because dry van shipment is the most prevalent form of trailer, securing capacity at competitive rates can be difficult. Go Freight Holdings vast carrier network can help you choose the right carrier for any load. We secure capacity with the safest and most dependable trucking businesses in the industry. We can transport your cargo anywhere in North America without the need for transloading.


We can negotiate reasonable prices for your dry van shipments. You may rest assured that not only will you have enough capacity and reliable freight transportation, but you will also have the best dry van rates available.